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At Rockmate Limited we produce software for the mining industry.  Our blasting software, Rockmate BOS, has been working with the non contact surveying instruments since 1997. It has been optimised for the blaster in the field. Rockmate software has been sold in China and Ireland and many countries in between.


We have recently made our blasting software work with point cloud data created by photogrammetry. We have a unique solution to make it as easy as possible for the blasting engineer.


We offer software to measure stockpiles, excavations and record production from excavators. The production from excavators is recorded in real time and available in real time.


With our UAV/Drone and with our software we can optimise your blasts which before were too difficult to optimise. The drone with a camera attached will fly up or down to the rockface to be surveyed. The rockface will be photographed and a 3D model of the rockface and blast holes will be created.

Our LoadLogger system monitors shovel production in real time.

For your information:

Comminution by blasting creates a smaller carbon foot print than by crushing.

Rockmate Limited is also a trading house and has helped mining companies source parts which has improved their machine availability and company profits. Details can be found on

Production optimisation software


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