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Rockmate Digital 'X' Model Quattro

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The 'X' in Digital 'X' Model means that the software can generate isopachytes as well as contours so it can model any 3D data. The software can create plans, cross sections, 3D views and overlay models on a georeferenced image. The image might be an an aerial photograph with the ground model countours superimposed on it making it easier for clients to understand. Or the image could be used to digitise data from it and add data to the survey - the fence that was missed out - saving the surveyor time.


dXmQ can import point cloud data to calculate stockpile volumes, or do before and after surveys.


3D data is triangulated to create a triangular mesh. It is fast! Isopachytes or contours can be created from the data. Cross sections are generated by intersecting the triangular mesh. Cross sections are used to calculate volumes. The traingular mesh and contours can be viewed in 3D.

dXmQuattro can be taken on a survey and the data processed on site to be checked before leaving the site.

We offer online training, from the comfort of your desk, using your data. From 1 hour to 5 days, at a time to suit you.

Free Videos are available to download to help you get started.

"Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut!". With  dXmQuattro you can free up valuable CAD resources! Use  dXmQuattro for data entry, it will allow data to be checked before being entered into third party systems.

 dXmQuattro uses data from files containing coordinates produced by survey total stations such as Pentax, Trimble, Leica, Sokkia, Nikon, Topcon

Features of the software include:

What professions use it?
What some professionals said about dXmCubed:

From Gareth Brynes the verdict is: "Fantastic value for money!"
From another "The programme allowed us to explore other ways of completing a project which otherwise would have had to be completed by hand. "

Volume calculations

Volume calculations are computed by comparing 2 surfaces. For instance a stockpile, the area below the stockpile is surveyed and a model created prior to the stockpile being laid down. The stockpile is surveyed and model created. Cross sections are created through the two models and a volume calculated.

Why use cross sections to calculate a volume?

Quite simply it is easier to check the answer. If you have calculated a volume and the contractor has calculated the volume and you have different quantities. With Cross sections in the same positions in the two models the difference in the figures can be resolved by the difference in the cross sections. Nothing could be easier or simplier.

Create Contours or Isopachytes of:
Ground levels, the seabed, top of well water levels, depth to rockhead, soil depths, river bed, Sedimentry deposits, Highwalls, Lowalls, Coal pavement levels, XRF Scanner data


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There are videos to speed up the learning process on the download page. After supplying us with your email address we will email a link to you to download a fully working copy of the software. We do not supply contact details to third parties. We may contact you for feedback and inform you of new updates to the software.

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On receipt of payment, we will e-mail a copy of the software with the full licence plus a username and password for free updates.

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On confirmation of an order (via e-mail) for a copy of the software with the full licence and that a cheque is in the post, we will send you by return a copy of the software with a 21 day licence. This will allow time for your cheque to reach Rockmate, for it to be processed and for you to use the software without being interrupted. Once the cheque has cleared we will e-mail you a copy of the software with the full licence plus a username and password for free updates.

The software dongle can be transferred from computer to computer. If you get a new computer the software can be moved to the new one.

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The software can be supplied on a CD for an extra charge to cover handling P&P GBP 10.00 (USD15.00, EUR 15.00)

The software can be supplied with a hardware key for an extra GBP100.00


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