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LoadLogger counts the number of dump trucks that a shovel loads and updates the load count in real time on the office computer.  

Production increased by up to 20% after LoadLogger has been installed!

It can also be mounted on a dump truck to double check the production. 

NEW We offer a service to independently check the efficiency of your mine. Can you tell your share holders that you have independently verified efficient mines? Now you can by using the Rockmate mine efficiency check. We will come to your mine; attach our black boxes to your shovels and to a sample of your dump trucks stay with you for an agreed period of time to monitor our hardware whilst at the same time monitoring the data by our engineers in our UK office. At the end of the agreed time we will tell you how many minutes per hour your mine works.  The data we collect the mine can use in planning.

Quantifying mineral reserves and resources is not just about tonnages and grades, it is also about mining costs and prices. The mine has to be shown as being economical, an engineer has to visit your mine operations and give an opinion as to whether it is economical or not. How can the engineer make a decision about how efficient a mine is during a daylong site visit say. Murphy's law states that whatever can go wrong goes wrong, hence on the day of the visit the site is stopped due to weather or breakdowns! With Rockmate's new service the mine can be monitored over a period of time and a realistic measure of its production performance can be measured.

Real time dump truck counting system
Even when the GPS is switched off - it still works
The worlds simplest dump truck load counting system.
The old truck load counting system - the supervisor counting the loads
Disadvantage: The driver can see you counting the loads and knows when you have gone.

Works Intermittently - only when you are there!
If it is installed in a truck - the driver asks himself did he press it for the last load or not?


The new truck load counting system
The first such system in the world.
Advantage: Counts loads 24/7.
Counts loads even when GPS signals are lost.

Get 2 extra loads per hour, in a 24 hour operation that is 44 loads extra per day, 300 loads per week, 15,600 loads per year - increase your shareholders profit and increase your drivers bonus with LoadLogger

Use LoadLogger to gain up to an extra 2 loads per hour by:


Use LoadLogger to measure management decisions:
 Use LoadLogger to measure between surveys

How frustrating it is to wait until the end of the month or even the end of the week for the surveyors to go out and physically do the mine survey, then to wait for them to compute the volumes and finally present the report. The report is out of date when you receive it (because it has taken several days to prepare it). With LoadLogger you can have an estimate of the production on a daily basis, or hourly or even minute by minute.

LoadLogger uses fuel cell technology as a power source. Fill the fuel cell up and leave it for a few months. It makes it easy to set up repeaters.

LoadLogger is easily fitted, the shovel operator requires no training, the operator does not even need to press additional buttons

LoadLogger will work underground with a leaky feeder system.

Watch this space for new technology to force you to increase production.

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