Great blast, no stemming ejection, all the energy is contained, no flyrock, how can rockmate help? By optimising the blast for every blast the fragmentation will be constant for blast after blast. Vibration will be controlled, eliminating the peaks. Rockmate will give the blasting engineer confidence to have bigger blasts.

Great blast, no stemming ejection, all the energy is contained, no flyrock. Judging by the piles of oversize there is a fragmentation problem, using rockmate to optimise the blast will ensure good fragmentation blast after blast. The good results achieved with rockmate will allow the blasting engineer to go for bigger blasts.

What a waste of energy! Look at all that abrasive dust passing round the shovels, spectacular but expensive. There is a small free face, there is no void for the blast to move into, so there is only one way for the blast to go - that's up! I suspect there will be hard toes, causing extra force to be used by the shovels, increasing wear and tear, increasing maintenance cost. Using large diameter holes does not mean that bad blast design can be overcome with huge quantities of energy. The Rockmate blasting method would optimise the blast, reducing energy consumption, reduce wear and tear on the shovels giving extra working hours per shift.

Good blast! Rockmate can help to optimise the blast ensuring constant fragmentation.

Good blast, pretty dusty, all caused by the rock moving foreward, not by the explosive firing the rock straight up into the air. Clean faces, rockmate can still help by fine tuning the burdens and spacings. It will also allow the good practice to be repeatable - what happens when the blasting mine captain leaves? Or if this company has more than one mine how can this good practice be transferred to other mines - easy with rockmate.