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Rockmate Optimization (Optimisation) Products

LoadLogger - a mine production meter Real time shovel production monitoring system. Give you 95% of the benifits of a truck dispatch system but at a fraction of the cost. Increases shovel production by up to 20% LoadLogger - a production meter

Rockmate- blast optimisation

Reduces the risk of flyrock, controls vibrations, increases shovel production, placates neighbours. Rockmate - Blast Optimisation System
Digital 'X' Model NEW dXmQuattro calculates volumes!
Rockmates modelling system, there is no easier way to create contours, isopachytes, sections, calculate volumes, and overlay dtm's on an image.
Used by land surveyors, hydrographic surveyors, mining engineers amongst others. Download a fully working system for a free trial!
DXM digital modelling system, for surveyors and engineers
Shiftboss The fastest way to reduce mining costs and increase production using GPS technology. Use shiftboss to measure your management decisions, turn standing time into work time.

Shiftboss - track and analyse dump trucks


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