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Rockmate Technical Services develops software for the Mining, Quarrying, Civil Engineering, Surveying and related industries. The software developed is designed to improve profits by reducing costs, increasing production, at the same time improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of mining and quarrying.

The software utilises data from the latest sensors, including non contact surveying systems, total survey stations, vibrographs (or seismic measuring systems), and Global positioning systems. Data can be collected in real time using the GSM network or radio telemetry or post processed. The software is developed for Microsoft Windows the data can be displayed in 2D or 3D and is designed to be intuitive.

We can track your trucks inside and outside of your mine or quarry. We can considerably reduce neighbour complaints and in some cases eliminate complaints due to blasting operations. We can supply software that will minimise flyrock. We can improve your profits. Rockmate Technical Services software is compatible with other CAD systems.

Rockmate Technical Services is helping to make mining a sustainable development by encouraging the effecient use of plant thereby minimising CO2 emissions and by reducing the environmental impact of blasting operations.

Rockmate Software Products

Rockmate Technical Services latest production tool 'MuckLogger' is designed to give shovel production statistics in real time. About 1 hours training required, watch the production go up, it works like a production 'profit meter'. See at a glance when you are in profit. It has the simplist real time reporting system. We can arrange for you to visit an ATH Resources open cast coal site for you to see it working.

Contact rockmate for more details.

Rockmate - Blast Optimisation System

Rockmate- The International Blast Optimisation System:
Increases shovel and crusher production rates by up to 15%, shovel production is increased
by turning standing time into work time and creating consistent digging conditions. Reduce excavation
unit costs as a result of improved production per shift, and reduced operating costs due to
less wear and tear on the excavators and processing plant. Rockmate chooses the
best position for your drill holes help the blasting engineer design good safe blasts
every time.

Reduce the environmental impact of blasting operations. Optimises Drilling, blasting
and processing costs, and predict fragmentation

DXM digital modelling system, for surveyors and engineers

Digital 'X' Model

NEW dXmCubed calculates volumes!

Rockmates modelling system, there is no easier way to create contours, isopachytes,
sections and calculate volumes.
Used by land surveyors, hydrographic surveyors, mining engineers amongst others.
Down load a fully working system for a free evaluation trial!

The fastest and smartest way to track your fleet and save you money using GPS Technology

X-Track -
track trucks in real time

The fastest way to reduce mining costs and increase production using GPS technology.
Use shiftboss to measure your management decisions, turn standing time into
work time.

Shiftboss - track and analyse dump trucks

Rockmate Technical Services is the only solutions provider which can design a blast and measure
objectively the quality of the designed blast - with SHIFTBOSS


RTLS- Real Time Level Control System Real time level control for machines or engineers, the software will save rehandle in
restoration projects, save engineers time setting out levels

Click here to download brochures on rockmate products and partners, ie WipFrag and MultiPlug. Click here to download brochures on rockmate products, for videos, brochures, slides of rockmate products we will send you a link, password and username

Other products and services
Image Analysis Service:
Size distribution of blasted rock, crushed rock, finished product

Surveying service

Survey Instrument Sales

Lone Worker Systems
Mining Engineering Consultancy

Tyres/Tires, dump trucks and blasthole drill rig sales

English/German Translation service in Cheshire

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Rockmate Technical Services has been a member of Crewe and Nantwich Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise since 1998

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